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Dirty Money - Germs & Contaminants on Paper Currency

With the cold season upon us, you may want to stick with your plastic. Paper currency, like dollar bills, can host a veritable ecosystem of germs and other hazardous agents. Take a look at the graphic below, but be warned, you may never want to touch your money again!

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Joshua Heckathorn is a credit expert and has been featured on CNNMoney, FOX Business, Yahoo Finance, The Street, and many other national publications during the past twenty years.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Management (Finance) from Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Business and earned his MBA from Seattle University.

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Corey McMahon's picture

... I think I just threw-up a little.

Anna's picture

Gross! Thanks for the reminder to practice good hygiene.

Not to mention eating out at places like Subway. They wear a new pair of plastic gloves when they switch between preparing food and handling money. Wasteful? yeah. But an ounce of prevention...

Joshua Heckathorn's picture

30% of money has poop on it?! That's just wrong...I knew there was another reason out there to avoid carrying cash.

Jeremy's picture

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