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Best Credit Card Commercials Ever

The recent ups and downs of the economy provided quite the challenge for credit card companies. While many think they were raking in the cash from fees and interest, we can’t forget all the money they lost because of charge-offs and bankruptcies. As many consumers fled the credit world, Visa, MasterCard and others had to kick their customer-acquisition efforts into high-gear. Because of fluctuating, and often falling, revenues, these companies wanted to be part of our every day laughs and praises to friends. The art of the commercial has thus skyrocketed, and now you can barely turn the TV on without catching a 30-second blip about credit cards. And true, we probably shouldn’t apply for a credit card simply because of an awesome commercial, but we definitely should enjoy all their great work! Below are 5 of the best credit card commercials ever: 5. Capital One, David Spade on Credit Card Rewards http://youtu.be/Mv3M-XotQkQ One of the best ways to overcome the fear and frustration of credit, is to break the tension with humor. Capital One pokes fun at an annoying conversation that we have all had at some point or another. Once we’re all nodding along with the clip, they drop the news that what they have is different - a credit card with rewards program that is easy to understand and use. Very effective.

4. Visa’s Dan Jansen Story http://youtu.be/iWYRH5jnQBo Tugging at our heart-strings, Visa recognized that much of America was wrapped up in Dan Jansen’s quest for Gold. The clip’s Youtube popularity, in relation to other credit card commercials, goes to show it was a wildly successful effort. 3. CitiBank Identity Theft http://youtu.be/Iy5jiYWuNKo Technology has come so far in the past two decades! Unfortunately for us, that also means our personal information is often far too accessible. Identity theft has become a very serious issue, and as the video above shows, it can cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t have the insurance. 2. Attack of the Treadmill http://youtu.be/Xumh_xz60-U Life can be expensive! Defective products, insufficient services, and fraud only make matters worse. Using a credit card, though, changes everything! Thanks to built in purchase protection plans and extended warranties, you can focus on enjoying your new goodies. 1. ANZ Security http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqr7-9dT17E ANZ must have some of the most funny commercials ever, regardless the product. Thanks to a perfect blend of humor and education, these ads stick in your head for days! Did I miss any? Which credit card commercials are still stuck in your head?

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