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10 Best Credit Card Designs Ever

Your credit card is much more than a piece of plastic. It’s a status symbol. It’s an expression of your personality. It’s how you open your beer in a pinch.

The credit card has come a long way since the Diners Club of 1950. Now with more benefits and custom options than ever before, credit card companies are doing everything to attract customers. Even redesigning the credit card itself.

Introducing the top 10 best credit card designs:

10. Epos Card

Epos released a spectacular lineup of artistic credit cards in 2009. Here are just a few of their 100 jaw-dropping designs:

creditcard numbers

creditcard tape

creditcard chocolate

9. Clear from American Express


The Clear card means there's no hidden fees. Cool design. Cool metaphor.

8. Discover Card Calico

cat creditcard

You might be able to upload your own pictures, but it takes skill to turn your card into a work of art.

Almost Credit Cards

Maybe one day you'll get the chance to swipe one of these cards, but for right now these credit-card-shaped gadgets are wallet-ready tools that even MacGyver can be proud of.

7. Credit Card Bottle Opener


The perfect promotion when Sam Adams joins forces with Bank of America. Cheers!

6. Credit Card Pocket LED Light

creditcard shaped pocketlight

When making a swipe is as easy as turning on a light!

5. Credit Card USB Drive


The first card that remembers your shopping list.

Not Your Ordinary Credit Cards

These credit cards are for the elite of the elite. With special features ranging from diamond designs to electronic faceplates, these cards will deliver benefits well beyond 0% APR for 12 months.

4. American Express Centurion Card


Made from anodized titanium, this card is just heavy enough to remind you that you’re in one of the most exclusive credit programs on the planet.

3. Dubai First Royale MasterCard


With a $1,000 annual fee and a diamond embedded into the face of the card, this line of credit through Kazakhstan's Kazkommertsbank and Dubai First is your ticket to the luxurious lifestyle of the Far East.

2. VVIP Credit Card by GKPower


The extra “V” stands for Very. This self-proclaimed "world's most expensive credit card" has 333 diamonds embedded into a silver rivet on top of the black, high-gloss luxury card.

1. Live Checking Credit Card


It's the credit card of the future… today! This concept credit card will display your current spending, and notify you with a glowing light if you reach your spending limit. Check it out:

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