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Elisabeth Chan is Creditnet's resident credit card expert. Elisabeth graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Business.

When she's not rating and reviewing credit cards, Elisabeth enjoys gushing over her daughter (who is her exact clone), eating out (sushi and Chinese are favs), or attempting to conquer the pilates reformer machine (so far, all attempts have been futile).

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Recent Blogs

New Concept in Business Spending

The economy, in its current state, is definitely not handing out any favors to businesses, small or large. Getting a business credit card is more difficult than ever. Not only are major credit card issuers limiting the amount of credit extended to business owners, but some issuers (like Advanta) are even closing their doors indefinitely! So how are business owners to handle their day-to-day business spending without a credit card or with a credit card with a low limit?

Advanta to Dry Up Business Credit Cards

One of our favorite business credit card issuers, Advanta, has decided to cease lending to its business credit card holders. Whereas other credit card lenders are simply ceasing to lend to new customers, Advanta will also shut down all existing accounts for future use. So if you have an Advanta credit card, you'd better start looking for another way to pay for your business expenses.

Young Money Fights for Financial Literacy


Our friends over at YoungMoney.com are taking great strides to further promote financial literacy among young adults. As part of a recently announced Financial Literacy Program, Young Money is partnering with multiple universities and businesses to deliver co-branded magazines, both online and offline, to students and young employees.

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According to a study published by Nellie Mae (2005), 56% of undergraduate freshman obtain their first credit card at age 18. Unfortunately, most fail to receive any education about how credit works or what it takes to build a solid credit history after the card arrives in the mail

A Cashless Life

It's a rare day when you are able to walk through any major city's downtown or financial district without being asked at least once: "Can you spare some change?" My answer is always, "No, sorry!" It's not that I'm void of all compassion or that I don't want to give away the money I've worked so hard to earn. But unless the panhandler has a credit card machine in his pocket, I literally can't spare change because I don't physically have any! I cannot remember the last time my wallet even came close to smelling the scent of a USD bill of any denomination.