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Alice Bryant is the Editor of Creditnet and a personal finance expert with over a decade of experience writing about credit cards, credit scores, debt repair, and more.

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Walmart Credit Card Review: Is It Worth It?

Like most retailers these days, Walmart has its own store credit card, but is it really worth it? Lets take a look.


Like most retailers it comes with a lot of flashy promotions. The latest attempt to hook shoppers is a $25 savings when you spend open a Walmart Credit Card and spend $75 in your first visit. Sounds nice, but nothing too special. When you consider most cards on the market these days give you at minimum a year long introductory zero percent APR, a measly $25 bucks really isn't that much in the big picture.


5 Reasons 20 Somethings Prefer Discover

For most people in their 20s, keeping their finances organized is probably not too high on their list. After just getting out of college, most recent graduates either have a credit card with a hefty balance or no credit card or credit history. The Discover It card can and will fix these problems for those millennials trying to get ahead in the financial world while at the same time earning some great perks along the way.

Breaking It Down: What's a Credit Card Issuer?

It's a simple question and common question asked by many - what exactly is a credit card issuer? If you're surfing around financial websites you've probably read the term a thousand times, but what exactly does it mean and how does it affect you? Who are they, how do they work, and what really happens when you swipe that plastic?

Some Facts About Discover Cards That You May Not Know

I’m willing to bet in your lifetime you’ve had more than one Visa or MasterCard (whether it was a Debit or Credit card). In all likelihood you’ve had an American Express at least once. And I’m also willing to bet if you are a hard bargainer and looking for great deals, you have probably acquired a Discover Card as well.

Here’s are some things about Discover you may not know.

Five Credit Cards for Back-To-School Savings

While the days of summer get a little shorter and that school supply list gets a little longer, here’s five credit cards that will help you save on those inevitable back-to-school expenses.
Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express