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Pay Rent With Credit Cards and Earn Big Rewards

If you rent an apartment, the largest expense in your monthly budget is most likely your rent.  So would you put your rent on a credit card if you could?  If you plan to pay off your balance each and every month, the answer to this question is hopefully a resounding yes!

That said, it's estimated that 70 percent of renters still pay their rent via paper check in the United States.  More and more landlords are accepting credit cards each year though, and renters are quickly jumping on the bandwagon in order to maximize credit card rewards.

If you have the ability to pay rent with a rewards credit card but are choosing to stick with the old paper check, it's important to realize that you could very well be missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars of credit card rewards each year.  So do yourself a favor this week, and take a closer look at how you are paying your rent by asking yourself a few key questions.

1.) Does your landlord even accept credit card payments?

2.) And if so, do they charge you a transaction fee or do they absorb the fee for you?

Lastly, if you can earn credit card rewards worth more than any transaction fee you might have to pay, your decision should be an easy one. Ditch the old paper checks and go 100% plastic to not only enjoy the added payment convenience but also the additional credit card rewards.

on Tue, 2016-04-19 12:51