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Common Mistakes

For those souls brave enough to attempt credit repair themselves this should be your mantra: "I will not tip off the credit bureaus to what I'm doing." Once the credit bureaus are on to you you'll find it very difficult to get results. Mistakes that can tip off a bureau are far too many to list here, but you should know about some common ones.

Using a sample form like those that can be found in most credit restoration books will draw unfavorable attention. The bureaus can spot these forms easily, they don't care for them, and they'll flag your account if they encounter one. The solution? Don't use a standard form, regardless of what the author claims. Period.

Another common mistake is to verify the negative information on your report. This may sound farfetched yet it happens all the time. You might inadvertently add a statement to the negative listing which substantiates it. Or you may volunteer information that you think is harmless but in fact verifies the negative listing. The bureaus note each listing you verify and will refuse to negotiate any of them.

If you make statements that create a fraud indicator, hawk- or trans-alert, you're doomed. Indeed, anything you do that suggests you are attempting to repair your own credit will be frowned upon by the bureaus and earn you "frivolous" status.

The bottom line is this: whatever you do, don't get their attention. If the bureau catches on, you should consult a professional for immediate assistance to avoid damaging your credit further.