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What are the advantages of a business credit card?

Running a business is not easy. On top of ensuring you are offering the best product or service, you also have to worry about finances, which can be day and night compared to your specialty! That's why using a business credit card is so essential for any business. Some main advantages to using a business credit card are as follows:

First, a business credit card enables you to separate business expenses from personal expenses. Come tax time, you will be happy when you can simply hand over your business credit card statements over to your accountant rather than sift through receipt after receipt, trying to recall if it was a business or personal expense!

Second, a business credit card helps your business build business credit. Businesses with good business credit are eligible for larger loans and lines of credit at lower rates of interest. Should you decide to expand in the future or need extra funds for any other reason, you'll be happy you built business credit with your business credit card.

Third, you no longer have to worry about writing reimbursement checks to your employees when you use a business credit card. Each employee receives their own business credit card to use when making business purchases. You can monitor purchases online or using your paper statements.

Fourth, you can get rewarded for your business expenses! Many business credit cards now offer reward programs, which means you can earn free airline tickets, hotel stays, and other great rewards for all your purchases and for all your employees's business purchases on your business credit card!