Money Management

Money Management

Beware of POS Overdraft Fees

Many consumers, in an effort to avoid ATM fees, take cash withdrawals during point-of-sale transactions at grocery stores or other retail establishments. While this may be a savvy way to avoid withdrawal fees, you should know that point-of-sale terminals generally won't warn you if you're about to overdraft and trigger an even larger fee on your account. Unlike an ATM fee of just a few dollars, overdraft charges can often be as high as $39.

on Sun, 2009-10-25 17:00

Online Savings Accounts: Top 3 Questions to Ask When Weighing Your Options

A soaring personal savings rate among American consumers confirms that the era of conspicuous consumption is out and frugality is in. So, where's the best place to stash your newfound cash as you strive to spend less and save more? If you're looking for a safe and highly-liquid investment that offers the best interest rates available at little or no cost, a high-yield online savings account can't be beat.

on Thu, 2009-07-16 17:00

Auto-pay Credit Cards from Online Savings Accounts

Did you know you can set up automatic payments for many of your credit cards directly from an online savings account? This can be an excellent way to earn the highest interest rate possible on your cash while ensuring credit card bills are always paid on time, so it's definitely worth taking a few minutes to explore.

on Wed, 2009-07-08 17:00

moneyStrands Helps Put Your Financial House in Order

Our personal financial lives can quickly become complex and difficult to track. In fact, if you're like most people, you may already have several online bank accounts, a mortgage, HELOC, savings accounts, and credit cards to manage on a monthly basis. So, how can you keep track of it all without spending your precious weekends logging into multiple bank sites and updating boring spreadsheets?

on Mon, 2009-05-25 17:00

Should I Pay My Taxes With Plastic?

Tax week is here again! And in a last-ditch effort to boost future e-payment numbers, the IRS recently announced that some taxpayers will now be allowed to deduct the convenience fees card companies charge to process electronic tax payments. The IRS has made it easier than ever to pay your tax bill with plastic, and now you might even be able to deduct the fee, so why not go ahead and settle your debt with Uncle Sam by whipping out your favorite credit card? While the ease of paying online is tempting, paying your taxes with plastic is generally a poor decision.

on Sun, 2009-04-12 17:00

Avoid Credit Card Late Fees: Pay More Often!

The average credit card late fee hovers around $40, which is triple what it was just a decade ago. And it's not just the 40 bucks that will hurt you each time you miss a payment deadline. Punitive increases in interest rates and negative marks on your credit reports can cost you thousands more in various fees and charges down the road.

on Sun, 2009-04-05 17:00

The Right Time to Buy a Car?

The violent winds of the current economy seem to be stirring up the perfect storm for great deals on a new car. Auto manufacturers and dealers are obviously hurting and under pressure to find a way to increase sales, so it seems likely that consumers will begin to enjoy some of the best deals on new cars between now and the spring . So, if your old beater is on its last leg and you've just been waiting for the right time to take the plunge, now is the time to ask yourself three important questions.

on Sun, 2008-12-21 16:00

Times are Tough, but Basic Rules Remain Unchanged

The economy is hurting and credit markets are in the tank. In fact, it's easy to understand why all the media hype concerning the credit crunch has consumers scared about what the future will hold. So should you close all your credit card accounts, begin stockpiling your paychecks in cash under the mattress, and avoid using credit altogether? That's simply not the solution to the problem.

on Sat, 2008-10-04 17:00

How to Save 15-75% on Meals

If your busy life forces you to eat out often, then you should know just how painful it can be on the pocketbook. In fact, eating out is by far the biggest variable expense most families have each month. Take a moment this week to review your credit card statement and determine how much you are spending on dining out. You may be surprised that the number surpasses your rent or mortgage payment!

on Thu, 2008-06-26 17:00

Emergency funds - A personal cure for the credit crunch

Do not rely on credit as an emergency fund. Everyone's personal financial plan should include a goal of having at least six months' worth of living expenses saved in a liquid emergency fund such as an online savings account. If you find yourself in desperate need of credit in this current market, and you have a poor credit score or no credit at all, you may find it quite difficult to get what you want. However, if you already have an easily accessible reserve of cash, you won't need to resort to credit at all in your time of need.

on Sun, 2008-05-04 17:00