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Home Loans

A home loan is typically the largest debt a consumer has. Before you make the big decision, take a look at what Creditnet has to offer.

Buying a new home or refinancing your current mortgage can often be an intimidating task. Utilize one of our trusted services below, and they can help you through the process while offering the benefits of excellent interest rates and low closing costs.

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  • Refinance with Cash out Now!

  • Compare live rates

  • Submitting a loan request is easy and free

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  • Easy way to get a home loan (new mortgage, refinance, or home equity loan)

  • Quicken closes loans in half the time of most other lenders!

  • Save money on your home loan

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Apply Online for a Home Loan

Apply online for a home loan through Creditnet.com to begin the process of owning your dream home today! Our trusted partners are the absolute leaders when it comes to online lending, and their safe and secured applications are fast and simple to fill out.

If you're hoping to refinance your current mortgage, our friends at QuickenLoans are some of the best in the business. Even if your home is under water, you can still qualify for a lower mortgage payment; use the links above to find out how QuickenLoans can help you refinance your mortgage.

Then again, if you're more interested in home loan advice, our Creditnet Forum is just the place to go for the more complicated questions surrounding home loans. Get advice from our expert administrators and highly informed junior and senior members on questions related to home loans.

And remember, your odds of being approved for a home loan with a low interest rate begins with your credit score. Simply put, the better your credit score the lower your interest rate. If you don't know what yours is, Find out your credit score for free on Creditnet today.