credit card art

credit card art

Crazy Credit Card Art

Most people simply cut up their expired credit cards and throw the pieces in the trash. But that’s just so… boring! Why not make something truly incredible with your old credit cards? Here's some inspiration from Los Angeles-based artist Cain Motter, who uses credit cards as his medium for making incredible, thought provoking works of art.

Off the Chart Credit Card Art

Credit cards have a lot of power in the art world. Of course, you can use a credit card to purchase art from a gallery. Some credit cards benefits will even give you free admission to an art museum over the weekend. And a few credit cards designs are so cool; they can be considered their own works of art. However, have you ever thought about creating your own thing of beauty using your expired credit cards? From paintings to sculptures to gardening props, you'll be astonished at the possibilities. Here are some of the most amazing examples of artists shredding their plastic in the name of off the chart credit card art.

Credit Card Art on the Wall


Dave Ramsey Headquarters Art