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Weekly Tip: Use an app to help you manage your finances.

Although it’s easy to swipe your credit card for everything you need, it is important to monitor your spending habits. And what better way to do that then using your smartphone. In the past, people used to spend hours going through bills, expenses, and calculating their budget on paper. Many used to pay accountants or money managers to save themselves the trouble. 
Today, it’s much simpler. There’s an app for everything, and luckily, there are several useful apps to help you budget. By using one of these apps, you can manage your daily financial interactions, monitor your checking and savings accounts, create a budget, plan your retirement, look into investments, and reach any other financial goals you may have. Although there are hundreds of apps to choose from, here are some free financial apps to help you manage your money:
  • Mint: As one of the most popular personal finance apps, Mint is a free app that allows users to monitor their bank accounts and spending. It will automatically organize spending into categories, and users can create goals and budgeting plans to reach their financial goals.
  • Check: Check (formerly called Pageonce) is another great app to use when it comes to creating a budget. This app helps users stay on top of their bills and pay them from a mobile device.
  • FutureAdvisor: This new app, currently offered online only, allows users to get free investment advice. Plus, users can manage their retirement funds, assets, and investments.
on Wed, 2014-07-02 10:58