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Weekly Tip: Change your passwords regularly.

It is important to regularly update the passwords on all your accounts. Why?
Although it is a hassle, this can prevent hackers from getting into your account. When you have the same password for many years, your password is at risk of getting compromised. Someone could easily look over your shoulder or steal it as it travels through the network. Some hackers will even try possible combinations, until they are able to find the correct one. Regularly resetting your password will ensure that you are protected from this kind of attack. It’ll make it much harder for hackers to get the information they need. And if you are attacked, changing your password every few months will prevent continuing unauthorized use.
In addition, it is also important not to use the same passwords for all of your accounts. It may make it easy to remember, but if a hacker were to get that password, they would be able to get into all of your accounts. And if all of your accounts are compromised at once, you’ll be stuck with a huge mess to clean up! 
By just keeping your passwords different and updating them regularly, you’ll be one step closer to preventing identity theft
on Tue, 2014-04-29 10:29