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Weekly Tip: Buy your plane ticket early, but not too early.

When should you book your travel tickets?
If you’re planning a trip, you know how hard this question is to answer. Clearly, you want to buy your airline tickets in advance, so you don’t end up with an expensive bill. But if you buy your tickets too far in advance, you may end up paying a lot more as prices go down in the following months. It seems like a Catch 22, but luckily, there are some better times to purchase tickets.
For domestic tickets, experts consider buying between three months to six weeks in advance. At this point, airlines begin managing their domestic flights, which is when they release the more affordable seats. For international tickets, you should start searching earlier. Airline tickets for Asian flights tend to be cheaper nine to ten months out, while South American flights are better six months before departure. Experts consider European tickets to be best priced at four to five months out. 
It also depends on the season you are travelling. Those who want to book a trip for summer should start looking for tickets in advance, as prices go up in peak season.And before buying the flight, compare fares on multiple websites to make sure you get the best price. Using a travel rewards card to purchase the tickets can also help you save, and can many times result in cheaper flights.
on Thu, 2014-07-17 15:12