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Can I get a credit card with bad credit?

If you have damaged credit, you may think the last thing for you to do is to get another credit card. And even if you wanted to, you may not even try because of fear of denial. The good news is there are credit cards geared specifically towards people who need to build up their credit. These issuers know people make mistakes and they are willing to take on the added risk by issuing you a credit card. 

If you have damaged credit, you need to start building positive credit history immediately, and the most effective way to do so is with a credit card. To credit card issuers, bad credit means high risk. To compensate for that risk, credit card issuers will require that you put down a deposit or pay an annual fee. That way, if you happen to default, the issuers are not completely put out of business. However, from you standpoint, a deposit is a small amount to pay to build a positive credit history so you can save money in the future with good credit.

Credit cards for people with bad credit also tend to have high interest rates. Be responsible with these cards and only put on them what you know you can immediately pay off. Don't make the same mistakes that lead you to where you are now. Make a change with these credit cards and your credit score will begin to reflect it.

Creditnet.com has an entire credit card section devoted to people with damaged or poor credit. Click on the Credit Cards tab above to start your search.