Weekly Tips

Weekly Tips

How do I get my free credit report?

Many consumers aren't aware that, by law, Americans are entitled to one free credit report per year. And for those that are aware of this important fact of finance, fewer still know where they can actually, ya know, get their free credit report.

As a result, we're left to Google the term "how do I get my free credit report", which is quite possibly how you ended up here in the first place. And yes, we're going to tell you.

on Tue, 2013-08-06 13:54

Wait at least 6 months between credit card applications

A common question I receive from Creditnet readers is how long we should wait between credit card applications. Once consumers find out that opening and using a credit card responsibly can help them build credit, many of us (rightfully so) have an urge to rush off and apply for a small handful of cards very quickly.

Frankly, this is a bad idea. Opening too many cards at once can damage your credit profile and reputation in a couple of different ways. 

on Wed, 2013-07-31 08:32

Identity Theft Tips: Did you know you could stop pre-approved credit card offers?

Editor's Note: This is the second in a series of tips to help Creditnet readers protect themselves against identity theft. Check out last week's article on mixing up your online passwords.

on Thu, 2013-06-27 13:35

Identity Theft Tips: Mix up your passwords and make them strong

Editor's Note: This is the second in a series of tips to help Creditnet readers protect themselves against identity theft. Check out last week's article on items you should remove from your wallet to prevent ID theft.

Let's be honest here: passwords are hard to remember. Seemingly everything I do online now requires a password, even the low-risk profiles I can't imagine anyone wanting to get a hold of. 

on Thu, 2013-06-20 08:54

Identity Theft Tips: Remove these items from your wallet today

Editor's Note: Beginning today, Creditnet.com is starting a new series on how to prevent identity theft. Over the next several weeks, we'll bring you tips on how to prevent ID theft before it happens, as well as the most common instances of identity fraud and how to avoid them.

on Wed, 2013-06-12 10:03

College Credit Card Tips for the Class of 2013

Is any event in life more bittersweet than graduating from college? It's a huge, coming-of-age moment that solidifies four (plus) years of studying, partying and ultimately (and hopefully) finding ourselves, not to mention thousands of dollars in student loans. It's also a right-of-passage into the real world for many of us, which essentially makes it a huge wake-up-call when it comes to financial independence.

on Wed, 2013-05-29 13:38

Start Your 401K Today!

I'm ashamed to admit that it took me more than a full year after I was eligible before starting my company's matching 401K plan. I really don't have a good excuse for procrastinating, but let's just say this personal finance misstep was well before I took over ... well ... a personal finance website. Every time I take a peek at my 401K, I shake my head and wonder where it might be had I enrolled when I should have.

on Thu, 2013-05-16 09:46

Take a Break From Your Credit Score (Really!)

If there's one thing I've learned in my time as the Editor of Creditnet, it's that your credit score wasn't built in a day, nor will it jump 100 points in the matter of moments. Even if you start making all the right moves, it still takes time for those credit-related improvements to take effect on your credit score.

on Fri, 2013-05-10 14:54

Don't bail on your credit card after the bonus

I've heard from a number of different consumers that they don't like to stick with a credit card for long once they receive the initial sign-up bonus offered by their card. Be it cash back or miles, a lot of consumers don't recognize the perks in hanging on to a card once the bonus has been met. 

I'm here to tell you that's flawed thinking, and that you're best off choosing a card you can stick with over the long-haul as opposed to a brief (and albeit fruitful) fling.

on Fri, 2013-05-03 13:51

Leave the tip in cash if you can

I recently read this book called Waiter Rant about a full-time waiter and part-time blogger in NYC. The book hit pretty close to home since I spent what little free time I had available in high school and college working in a restaurant. Granted, I was a cook/manager in an open kitchen-style Italian restaurant, but on occasion I would put on a happy face and grab a server notepad if necessary.

on Thu, 2013-04-25 15:54