Weekly Tips

Weekly Tips

Consider a fixed rate payment plan with your gas company

Alright, I may live in San Diego but I'm actually from Vermont, so I know when it's time to turn on the heat. (The answer is usually Halloween, but exceptions have been made.) And as someone whose lived with more than a few roommates, I know that fighting over the heat bill is one of the most contentious discussions I would have each winter.

Heat bills are insane. One month, your utilities cost $50. Then the cold weather hits, the heat goes on and all of a sudden you owe $250. How the heck do you deal with such an erratic jump in expenses?

on Fri, 2013-01-25 16:58

Go paperless, save a tree and earn rewards

After walking in last night to find yet another stack of my roommate's mail sitting on the counter, I started to wonder why he got so much more mail than I did.

Sure, most of it was junk, but I think I saw (without being nosey - come on, now) a few bills sprinkled in there as well. Then I remembered I had been paperless for a couple of years now, and how much that had reduced the "crap" mail that I had been receiving for years.

It got me thinking, 'Why doesn't he just go paperless?' Then I thought a little further ... 'Why don't we ALL go paperless?!'

on Thu, 2013-01-17 12:48

When should you apply for a new credit card?

With every new year comes reflection and resolve; for many of us, part of that self-improvement plan we promised ourselves might include ditching that high interest credit card for a new, flashier, credit card.

But whether it's the new year or not, sometimes it's simply time to upgrade and apply for a new credit card. So...when exactly is that time? 

1.) You're paying the minimum payment on your credit card bill each month...and it's not getting you anywhere

on Fri, 2013-01-11 09:15

Don't let banking fees go unnoticed

Scanning through your checking account can be particularly challenging in late-December. Between holiday gifts, trips home and anything else that may come up during this crazy (and expensive) time of year, it's easy to overlook a small charge amongst perhaps dozens.

And yet, as I perused through my account the other day, a nondescript and completely infuriating charge caught my eye: "$8.00 - Monthly Fee"

Um... what?

on Wed, 2013-01-02 14:56

Don't wait to pay off your holiday debt!

A new survey out today suggested that consumers borrowed very little to make their holiday shopping purchases this season, and what they did spend they plan on paying back very quickly in 2013.

on Thu, 2012-12-20 15:40

Waking up your credit cards from slumber in 2013

One myth we've covered numerous times on Creditnet is the idea that simply owning a credit card will help you improve credit. And while that's initially true, in order to accrue some real credit history you actually have to use your credit card. Plus, if you remain dormant for an excessive amount of time, your credit issuer may up and close your account altogether.

In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!"

on Thu, 2012-12-13 11:42

Diversify your wallet with different kinds of credit cards

You may have just one credit card in your wallet - or you may have several. But no matter how many credit cards you choose to carry in your wallet, you should make sure you're diversifying the kinds of credit cards that you own.

Why? Because each credit card has its own specific benefits, all of which can help your personal finances differently in the long run if you use them responsibly.

on Thu, 2012-12-06 08:58

Holiday shopping isn't a reason to take out a Payday Loan

We've written time and again about the risks of Payday Loans, but it's worth a refresher with the holidays in full swing. PayDay loans are for real emergencies, and can be a credit (and financial) killer if treated otherwise. Their high interest rates can balloon if you default, and there are horror stories out there of consumers botching a PayDay loan so badly that they end up owing 300%+ of what they were originally lent.

on Thu, 2012-11-29 10:09

Find out how your credit card will reward you most this holiday season

Did you know that credit card companies are offering gifts this holiday season, too? OK, maybe "spending incentives" is more accurate, but they could lead to some free gifts down the road. Before you get in line for Black Friday or sit down for Cyber Monday, find out where your credit card is offering up the most rewards.

on Sun, 2012-11-18 15:32

Beware of Double Negatives on Your Credit Report

The only thing that's worse than a negative account on your credit reports is a negative account that shows up twice. Unfortunately, double entries can happen quite easily in the credit reporting system, and it takes a real eagle eye to scour over the details of your credit reports to make sure your credit score isn't taking any unnecessary hits.

on Tue, 2012-09-25 17:00