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Purchase Your Credit Report & Credit Score

Don't know your credit score? It's time to find out how you look to creditors by accessing your credit report and credit scores from our trusted partners below.

Ignoring your credit reports and credit scores won't make them go away. Whether your credit score is perfectly pristine or hard to look at, staying informed is the best way to avoid nasty credit surprises. Compare Creditnet's recommended offers below and get your credit reports and scores now!

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  • Free TransUnion Credit Score

  • Free 3-in-1 Credit Monitoring Trial with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion

  • Daily credit monitoring of your Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit files and alerts to key changes

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Credit Reports & Credit Scores - Get Yours Today!

If you're not sure what your credit score is, today is the day to find out! Our trusted credit report partners above can grant you immediate access to your credit score, giving you the opportunity to finally discover where you stand with creditors.


Your FICO credit scores are generated from a number of factors, and while some of these are easy to identify, there are several myths out there concerning what creditors are counting for and against your credit score. Essentially, you're never totally sure what your credit score is until you apply for a report. 


If you're thinking about applying for a loan - whether it's for a home, a car or something else - it's imperative to know your credit score ahead of time. In fact, we would recommend purchasing your credit report a few months in advance, that way you still have time to improve your credit score before applying for your big loan and getting the best possible interest rate available to you. (Read our blog on FICO credit-scoring myths for more information and advice on the subject.)