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New Concept in Business Spending

The economy, in its current state, is definitely not handing out any favors to businesses, small or large. Getting a business credit card is more difficult than ever. Not only are major credit card issuers limiting the amount of credit extended to business owners, but some issuers (like Advanta) are even closing their doors indefinitely! So how are business owners to handle their day-to-day business spending without a credit card or with a credit card with a low limit?

The Pex Card introduces an alternative to conventional credit cards for businesses. With the Pex Card, business owners are able to enjoy the convenience of a credit card, without the hassles of credit. In fact, no credit check is required when applying for this card.

Here are just some of the benefits of the Pex Card:

  • Preset limits on spending and on merchant categories allows owners to micromanage employee spending. For example, if company policy only allows $100 per day on lodging, then the Pex Card will not allow any purchases over $100 at lodging establishments.
  • Stay within your business budget with the Pex Card because spending is limited to what is preloaded onto this prepaid card.
  • Enforce budgets with individual card balances.
  • No transaction or load fees.
  • Free online management of transactions posted in real-time!
  • Use the Pex Card where ever Visa® is accepted.

For a limited time, Pex Card is giving new customers a trial offer of two months free! Apply today or learn more by reading our product summary of the Pex Card.

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