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Your Beacon Score: Is It Something To Worry About?

beacon score scale

A few days ago, a client came to my desk asking, "A Beacon score? What in the world is that!?"

This client has spent the last few years building his credit through responsible use of student loans, no interest credit cards, and a car loan. He now wants to capitalize on record-low interest rates and purchase a home, but he recognized that by ignoring his BEACON Score he might have missed something that could potentially cost him tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

The Future of Credit Cards: No More Plastic

[caption id="attachment_3226" align="alignleft" width="280" caption=" "]Near Field CommunicationPhoto by Tom Purves[/caption]

There's a battle raging in America, and it’s not one involving weapons or violence. Rather, the fray is seen in the corporate world, and it’s all about our money.

Now, we’re all used to marketing efforts that encourage us to buy from one company instead of another, but this is a different fight.

This isn’t about where we spend our money, it’s about how we spend it.

Near Field Communication

Attention around Near Field Communication is growing throughout mainstream media. Even so, many are unaware of its existence and future possibilities.