best rewards credit cards

best rewards credit cards

Which Credit Card Rewards Program is Right for You?

It seems nearly every week credit card companies put out a new rewards card or membership bonus that appeal to our desires as consumers who would like to get bonuses and rewards through their credit cards. Credit card companies are currently offering record-breaking sign up bonuses for customers. But with all the great deals and rewards programs that credit card companies are offering, it may be hard to decide what you want. Take a look below and see which rewards program is right for you.

Free Credit Card Perks That Go Beyond Rewards

Have you ever read the tiny print associated with your credit card? Odds are, probably not. But if you take a second to see what fine print is offering, you might be surprised by some of the free benefits and perks associated with your card.

6 Best Rewards Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and there are certainly great deals to be found everywhere this year. However, you can save even more money if you shop for those deals with the right rewards credit cards in hand. In fact, in some instances you can even receive an additional 25% in discounts! So before you hit the shops this year, make sure you know what discounts and rewards are offered by the credit cards you already carry in your wallet. Or, consider applying for a new rewards credit card to maximize your holiday savings.  Here are some of our favorites if you're already on the hunt: