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Creditnet Announces the Top 5 Rewards Credit Cards for the Holidays

As shoppers line up for Black Friday and log on for Cyber Monday, consumers are looking for the best possible holiday shopping deals. However, shoppers can get the most bang for their buck with these top holiday rewards credit cards.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 17, 2012

Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Creditnet.com announced today their picks for the top 5 Rewards Credit Cards for the Holidays.

With the nation's biggest shopping holiday just a week away, consumers will want to get the most rewards back on upcoming holiday purchases. Whether it's cash back, airline miles or hotel rewards a consumer is after, some credit cards are offering more than others with built-in incentives to shop.

In creating their list, Creditnet included factors like cash back rewards opportunities relevant to holiday shopping - including online and in-store purchases - as well as current bonus Intro APR promotions and enrollment plans. For example, if a credit card offered bonus rewards for online shopping, then that was seen as a positive. In addition, if a rewards credit card has its own online store in which cardholders can redeem their rewards at a discount, then that was also a factor Creditnet considered a positive.

Here are the top 5 rewards credit cards for the holidays according to Creditnet:

1. Discover® More® Card - Cardholder's receive 5x Cashback Bonus® on all online purchases through December 31, 2012 when you enroll. Also, that same bonus is applied to the first $1,500 in purchases made at department stores, so both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are covered in this bonus category. Their ShopDiscover online store includes 5%-20% cash back on purchases as well.

2. Citi® Dividend Platinum® Select Visa® Card - The current enrollment program on this Citi card includes 5% cash back on eligible purchases at Macy's, electronic stores and toy stores through December 31, 2012. Plus, you can receive 5% additional cash back retail stores through the Citi® Bonus Cash Center.

3. Chase Sapphire Preferred® - Apply this year's holiday purchases to next year's holiday getaway with this rewards credit card. All purchases with this credit card are good for one point, and any travel or restaurant purchases you make are worth double points.

4. Capital One® Cash Rewards - $100 Cash Back Bonus - Get $100 cash back after spending $500 in your first three months as a cardholder, one of the lower spending thresholds on the market today for earning such a significant amount of cash back. This is the equivalent of taking 20% off of all holiday purchases.

5. Journey(SM) Student Rewards from Capital One® - For students looking to earn some free coin after spreading themselves thin over the holidays, this is the holidays rewards card Creditnet.com suggests. While cardholders earn a mere 1% cash back on all purchases, they also offer a 25% cash back bonus for every month in which an on-time payment is made. Simple rewards and simple bonus options for the college student that has enough to worry about already.

Consumers looking for even more options when it comes to holiday rewards credit cards can visit Creditnet.com for further details, including credit required and post-intro period APR's.

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