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The Best Prepaid Cards to Teach Kids Responsible Spending This Holiday, According to Creditnet

San Diego, Calif. - Dec. 7, 2012

This holiday season, prepaid debit cards and holiday gift cards are more popular than ever to give teenagers and young adults. According to Creditnet.com - an online credit authority for nearly two decades - prepaid debit cards are the best way to teach kids responsible spending because there is limited or no risk of falling into debt.

With dozens of prepaid debit cards on the market today, a small handful of prepaid cards have set themselves apart when it comes to benefits, services and fees.

To simplify the consumer shopping experience this holiday season, Creditnet.com has announced the three best prepaid cards to teach kids responsible card use. Factors included annual fees, usability and cardholder perks.

1.) American Express® Prepaid Card

According to Creditnet, the number one prepaid card to teach kids responsible spending this holiday season is the American Express Prepaid Card.

This prepaid debit card is recommended by Creditnet for several reasons. First, cardholders will enjoy perks exclusive to AmEx members, including fraud protection, roadside assistance and 90-day purchase protection on eligible damaged or stolen items.

Another reason this prepaid card is head and shoulders above the field is the lack of fees charged to cardholders. There is no setup fee, no annual fee and no transaction fees at home and abroad. The only fee attached to this prepaid debit card for the holiday is an ATM fee - $2 per transaction plus any fee charged by the machine.

The American Express® Prepaid Card is an excellent card for consumers-in-training this holiday season, and can be used anywhere American Express is accepted.

2.) Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card

This prepaid debit card is especially useful for teenagers with a drivers license because it rewards gas purchases with one percent cash back. Plus, young adults with a part-time job this holiday can set up direct deposit and a savings account at no additional charge.

Like the aforementioned American Express® Prepaid Card, this debit card includes free roadside assistance, and there are no overdraft fees or interest charges.

There is no annual fee on this debit card, though some cardholders may be liable for a weekly fee of $0.95. There is also a one-time setup fee of $29.95.

3.) Prepaid Visa® RushCard

This prepaid card from Visa® is regarded for its flexibility, and while prepaid cards in general will not improve a young adult's credit in any way, it will help to improve responsible spending practices this holiday with online balance monitoring.

There is a one-time card fee that starts at $3.95 depending on the Prepaid Visa® RushCard selected. Monthly fees also vary depending on the plan customers choose, however there is no annual fee and no charge to add additional funds to a Prepaid Visa® RushCard.

Funds are also FDIC insured and protected by Visa's Zero Liability Policy, and there's no risk of overdraft fees or debt since this prepaid card allows members to only spend funds already loaded onto the card. And, unlike other cards, RushCard never charges a fee for customer service. This is why the Prepaid Visa RushCard is especially advantageous for consumers-in-training.

Visit Creditnet for more information on prepaid cards to give this holiday.

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