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Best Credit Cards with Sign-Up Bonuses in 2013, According to Creditnet.com

Creditnet.com (http://www.creditnet.com), a leading consumer credit authority since 1995, announces the top credit card sign-up bonuses of 2013.

San Diego, Calif. (PRWEB) January 12, 2013

Credit card sign-up bonuses and spending incentives have long been a popular way to entice consumers into signing up for a credit card. Double miles, cash back bonuses and 0% interest for a year or more are all some of the very best credit card sign-up incentives on the market today.

A new study out this week from the American Bankers Association says that credit card delinquency is at an 18-year low; this combined with the fact that credit card issuers have never faced more competition means consumers can choose from one of several excellent credit card sign-up bonuses in 2013.

That's according to Creditnet.com, a prominent credit information website since 1995. For consumers with good credit in the market for a new, incentive-laden credit card in the new year, Creditnet today announced its picks for the best credit-card sign up bonuses in 2013.

Creditnet considered the length of an intro period offered by a credit card, the number of months in which it was required for a spending incentive to be met and how realistic a purchasing bonus was for the average consumer in determining which credit cards had the best sign-up bonuses on the market today.

"It's a really opportunistic time to be in the market for a credit card," said Jason Bushey, Creditnet's Vice President of Operations. "If your credit score is good-to-excellent and you know exactly what you're looking for in terms of rewards, there are cards with strong bonuses attached to some reasonably-low spending incentives this year."

Here are Creditnet's picks for the top credit card sign-up bonuses of 2013:

For Initial Cash Back: Capital One® Cash Rewards - $100 Cash Back

This credit card for people with good credit features one of the best sign-up bonuses of any cards available today because it takes only a modest amount of spending to obtain the $100 cash back bonus.

Capital One rewards cardholders with $100 cash back after making $500 in purchases within the first three months of the account opening. So, cardholders only need to spend $167 per month or more for the first three months to earn $100 cash back from Capital One; that's the equivalent of receiving a 20% discount on the first $500 in purchases, making this cash back credit card one of the best for sign-up bonuses in 2013.

For Ongoing Cash Back: Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card - $100 Cash Back

Similar to the aforementioned Capital One Card, this Citi card will reward shoppers with $100 cash back after $500 in purchases made within three months of the account opening.

The intro period attached to this credit card includes purchases and balance transfers - and cardholders will receive 5% cash back from Citi on rotating categories that change every quarter; through March 31st, this includes purchases made at Zappos.com, fitness clubs and drugstores.

So, while this credit card's sign-up bonus pays off handsomely from the beginning, it's also one of the very best cash back credit cards to own in the long-run as well.

About Creditnet:

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