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The Credit Talk Forum is one the of the longest-running consumer credit forums on the Internet. The mission of our forum has always been to provide a safe environment for consumers to ask for help and advice in understanding and improving their credit. From bad credit to no credit at all, consumers of all scores are welcome and encouraged to join the discussion to ask, answer or simply read along.

Since 1995, nearly 500,000 questions have been asked and answered on the Credit Talk Forum by over 30,000 members. Feel free to search and browse through our helpful posts, and when you're ready to ask your own questions, it's quick, easy and free to register an account.

With the right advice and a good attitude, consumers with heavy loads of bad debt or a poor credit scores (or both) can work at improving their score with the help of Credit Talk's dedicated forum members. At Credit Talk, the conversation is always on topic, and the wealth of knowledge impressive given that these are everyday users with the same objective in mind: building credit.

At Creditnet, we're of the opinion that consumers can improve bad credit scores from the ground up without the help of costly credit repair services. Frankly, there's nothing a credit repair service can do that you can't do yourself at a fraction of the cost! Get free credit repair help from friendly and helpful users just like you, courtesy of the Credit Talk Discussion Forum.

No matter your score, don't hesitate to ask the tough questions - or give the good answers - in on one of the Internet's oldest and most helpful discussion forums related to credit and personal finance.


Huge success using info here - THANK YOU! ...want to thank all those that make this the best single source for credit repair information that exists anywhere.
- mrgreen
Thanks for doing the research creditnet.com. I was able to save time by using this site to find a credit card that fit my requirements. And I was approved within a few hours. There are so many offers out there, so it's nice to have everything researched and categorized without me having to create my own spreadsheets.
- Diana B.

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Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards require a deposit with the credit issuer, but they have higher approval rates and will report your payment history to the credit bureaus so you can begin rebuilding your credit scores.

Intro APR
Regular APR
10.40% to 20.40% based on your creditworthiness and other factors
Balance Transfer