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Creditnet Security Policies

Responsibility of Security

Creditnet provides hyperlinks to applications and third-party web sites which are not physically located on our servers. When you click on a credit card directive, you are automatically transferred to the issuer's web site. The information you subsequently transmit and the security employed during that transmission are the sole responsibility of the credit issuer. Creditnet can only secure transmissions between your browser and Creditnet servers. Creditnet cannot secure data transmissions between your browser and third-party servers.

Security of Application Forms

All credit card issuers marketed on Creditnet use advanced security technology to ensure the security and integrity of data transmitted between your browser and their application forms. Industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology is employed where appropriate.

Security and Web Browsers

We recommend you download the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or your browser of choice to ensure the highest level of security while on Creditnet.com.

Security and Frames

Because of the use of frames on our Site, web browsers sometimes mislead applicants into believing that an application is not secured, when in fact it is. Where multiple frames exist in a single window, the browser evaluates only the parent document which created the frames. Since that parent document is not secured, the browser echoes the non-secure status. Note that this behavior is normal, even when the bottom frame containing the target site is in secure mode.

To verify this, click on an advertising directive. Note the frame which appears at the top of the window. Click on the "CLOSE WINDOW" button in the upper-right frame. Doing so will remove our frame and connect you to the target web site directly. The security status echoed by the browser now correctly reports the security status of your connection.